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Technology Introduction

QR Solution

Introduction of main technology Doobitnaraesoft is proceeding a business through QR technology.
Index QR솔루션

Index QR Solution

A technology that can classify all simple payment services in the world including real payment and crypto payment through a single Index QR

통합형 QR솔루션

Integrated QR solution

An Integrated QR that is scannable with any other existing simple payment platform anywhere at any time

QR codes's scope of usage
QR 사용범위 사용범위
Doobitnaraesoft's technology can classify all the MPM method based QR codes of various payment platforms.
A QR classification system that users can also use at offline stores
QR분류 시스템1

01. Click the customer's payment method on POS device

QR분류 시스템2

02. Customer scans QR with the payment app that he is using

QR분류 시스템3

03.Payment succeed

Index QR & Integrated QR

QR payment is available after 1:1 contract · registration between store and each payment platform without QR stickers by using POS device and payment devices and customers can simply use their payment app to scan the Integrated QR.

Index QR Solution

Index QR is a directory service that displays QR two times. It classifies QR service and authentication data through a first QR and displays the second QR code of corresponding payment platform.

Index QR솔루션 Index QR솔루션

Total QR Solution

In the future, all the simple payment service will be classified and paid through QR system and Doobitnaraesoft will create the QR payment standard in an innovative payment industry such as EMV (Europay, Master, Visa).