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Press Release
This is the media report page of Doobitnraesoft.


Two-dimensional code cooperation for easy payment with Doobit Narae Soft & Voiceye


Doobitnaraesoft signed a business partnership with Voiceye that has the 2D high density barcode technology.

The high density barcode technology is a new technology that is able to store various and massive amount of information with an infinite possibilities in the future.

Through this business partnership, Doobitnaraesoft and Voiceye will be cooperating with each other regarding the QR payment areas. By implementing the Voiceye‘s barcode technology to Doobitnaraesoft‘s QR payment system, the single QR from Doobitnaraesoft will be able to store all the data of various payment companies which enables other payment platforms to scan and make payment through Doobitnaraesoft‘s QR system rather than placing all different paper QRs by companies at different retail sotres. Also the QR payment system will support Rhea Protocol for cryptocurrency QR payment.

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source : etnews(https://www.etnews.com)