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Press Release
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Doobitnaraesoft and Kizzle Korea - Business cooperation for taxi media bar business


A fintech firm Doobitnaraesoft announced that they signed an MOU with Kizzle Korea on 6th of November.

Kizzle Korea is currenly cooperating with Korean number 1 taxi mobility brand "Macaron Taxi" regarding the media bar business. Media bar is a device that dislays various contents such as advertisements and entertainment videos. Kizzle Korea already completed the installation of 100 media bars for Macaron taxis and are expected to complete the installation for 10,000 taxis.

Through the business cooperation between Doobitnaraesoft and Kizzle Korea, Doobitnarae soft will be able to provide their Rhea Protocol QR payment services and various customer events to the customers in taxis.

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source : etnews(https://www.etnews.com)